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How to take care of your jewelry

How to take care of your jewelry

Nothing makes our hearts beat faster than brand new, shiny and sparkling jewelry. In this blog we explain how you can transport your jewlery and how you can polish it, so you can enjoy your items for as long as possible!

Sterling Silver and Gold Plated

All Eline Rosina jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver, a precious metal of strong quality. Our gold plated jewelry has a 925 sterling silver base with a 18K gold plating. A special E-coating is applied over the gold plating for extra protection. Sterling silver as well as gold plated jewelry can change colour over time as a result of normal use and aging. There are many factors influencing the wear and tear of jewelry: 
  • Prolonging exposure to sunlight and oxygen can cause jewelry to fade colour and/or erode and dull. 
  • Sterling silver and gold plating can be permanently damaged or discoloured caused by contact with water, chlorine, perfume, cosmetics, oils and creams and chemical products such a detergents. 
  • The acidity of the skin, which differs per person (and is influenced by, among other things, food, alcohol consumption, use of medication and perspiration), can affect the material and cause discolouring of jewelry.

Take care of small earrings

Some Eline Rosina designs are very small and delicate. Closing small hoops can be tricky at first (especially our Tiny hoops) but with some practice and a bit of patience you'll get it done in no time. When closing hoops it can be useful to put the in the hoop from behind the ear and close it in front, so you can see what you're doing in the mirror. It can be useful to hold the hoop with a tweezer with one hand and close it with your other hand. Never bend or flex your hoops! Bending them can distort the hoops which will make it even harder to close them properly.

Important tips to keep your jewelry beautiful

Here are some important tips to help you keep your jewelry in great condition so you can enjoy wearing it for as long as possible:  DO'S
  • Store your jewelry separately and in an Eline Rosina jewelry box
  • Clean your jewelry regularly using a jewelry polishing cloth
  • Do not shower/swim/work out/sleep with your jewelry 
  • Avoid all contact with creams, perfumes, oils, other cosmetics and detergents
  • Do not bend or flex hoops/earcuffs!
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