14k gold rings


14k gold rings

Solid gold rings

Where we previously focused on gold plated jewelry for our collections, we recently added solid 14k gold rings and we couldn’t be more proud! All our 14 carat solid gold rings are designed with love and are ready to be introduced to your jewelry collection. If you order before 3PM, we ship your order out that very same day. So check out our collection of rings you never knew you needed in your life! Or maybe you did, good news because you’re finding yourself in exactly the right place to find one (or two..) Get ready to shine!

Affordable solid golden rings

We believe in making luxury jewelry accessible by offering solid gold pieces for affordable and fair pricing. We choose to work with highly skilled craftsmen who only use high quality and enduring materials. Solid gold is the least reactive metal and will not oxidize or discolor. Our 14k gold is more scratch resistant than 18k, making it perfect for everyday wear and to last a lifetime. You can keep your 14 carat golden ring on while washing your hands, enjoying a well-deserved spa moment, doing the dishes, dipping in the sea on a beach day and putting on your spf. This way, you can continue to shine carefree in every situation. Choose your favorite of our Rock Solid Collection made out of 14k magic! 

Diamonds and gold for every day wear

Our 14k solid gold pieces are made to last forever. Solid gold rings can be worn anywhere, anytime as they are timeless and can be combined with simply everything. Our affordable gold pieces are both timeless and of the moment. Simply perfect to include them in your daily attire as they add a luxury touch even to the most tomboy of outfits. Precious and durable at the same time, 14k gold will not oxidize or discolor, so you can wear your jewelry every day, everywhere. The diamonds or precious stones catch the light and provide a delicate sparkle at all of the right times. Do yourself a favor and gift yourself a classic, or spread the love by surprising a loved one with a jewelry piece you can hold on to forever. 

Combining golden rings 

Ring stacking, we love it! Combine different gold rings and create a party for your hand. Whether you go for gold rings on different fingers or multiple gold rings on one finger, it's up to you! In our range you will find different types of rings. We have very thin rings, but also thick rings. By combining these two you give your ring stack an extra boost!


Shop solid gold rings online at Eline Rosina

To ensure you always find the ring that really suits you, you can choose from different styles in our online shop: pinky signet, diamond, dome, stacker rings, you name it! Sorry not sorry we have that many options to choose from! In addition to the most beautiful 14 carat solid gold rings, you can find much more gems in our webshop. This way you can also shop earrings and necklaces with us. Mix and match to your heart’s content and create the perfect ring stack with our minimalist to maximalist styles!

Gold ring, golden service to match

Although we offer our luxury jewelry at affordable prices, we totally understand you don’t order a golden ring just like that. When ordering such a gem, you want to be sure that you can expect the best quality and service. So do we! You find yourself at the right place at Eline Rosina. If you are not content with your order, we’re here to help you out and find a fitting solution or process your return within 2 weeks. Within the Netherlands you benefit from free shipping. What’s stopping you from taking your ring stack to the next level? Order your solid gold ring today! And don’t forget to show it off by tagging us on Insta!

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