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Ear cuffs



Ear cuffs 

Earcuffs have been a new trend in earrings worldwide since this year and Eline Rosina brought the ear cuffs to the Netherlands. We love it. Do you not like piercings, are you afraid of piercing, do you not want to wear an ugly piercing for 6 months before you can put in another and do you like to alternate your earrings? Then ear cuff earrings are perfect for you.

Gold ear cuff

Are you team gold and do you always wear a gold earparty? Then a gold ear cuff is a match made in heaven. Combined with a statement item from the Iconic collection, a few hoops and Mix & Match pendants or some huggies, you name it. With a gold earcuff you are completely ready to rock the day!

Silver ear cuff

Are you more of a fan of silver jewelry and do you wear a lot of silver earrings? No problem, Eline Rosina gots you. Of course we also have a silver ear cuff in all kinds of designs. Do you like it big, with lots of glitter or do you like it basic and a bit smaller? Eline Rosina has it all. The ear cuff earrings are a new bestseller in the game of jewelry and we are proud that we can present many different catchy items to you.

The ear cuff earrings are easy to put on and that's why we love them. You can wear one ear cuff, but you can also wear several ear cuffs at the same time. This way you can easily upgrade your ear game from basic to statement. An ear cuff earring can be worn in different places in the ear, for example at the top of the ear or nicely halfway the ear. Do you want more inspiration? Take a look at our earspiration page or go to our instagram. See you there!

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