Are you looking for beautiful huggie earrings to complete your earcandy collection? Then take a quick look on this page! Out huggie earrings are made with love and passion and are available in many different sizes and shapes. Do not wait any longer to expand your jewelry collection! If you order before 3PM, we ship your order out the very same day. What are you waiting for? Take a look at our huggie collection and choose your favorites! 

What are huggie earrings? 

Huggie earrings or huggie hoops are smaller than normal hoops. They are named like this because, when you wear these earrings it looks like they are embracing your earlobe. The huggie hoops have been a trend for some time now, and we love it! The huggie designs are very diverse. You can choose a gold of silver huggie, on which team are you? Go for a simple design or for a huggie with zirconia stones when you love yourself some sparkle. Whatever you choose, they all look great and are suitable for any occasion. 

Our huggie earrings collection 

Our huggie earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver. Whether you are a lover of gold of silver doesn’t matter! In our webshop you will find gold and silver huggie earrings that suit every earparty. This way, you can combine the huggie hoops with other gold or silver earrings from our collection. Go for a simple design or a slightly more special design. Such as our gold or silver huggie hoops with zirconia stones

Combine your huggie with earrings from the Mix & Match collection or do are you more of a classy kind of person who chooses earrings from our Classics collection? Our huggie earrings are sold inicidually, so they are perfect to combine with our other single pieces. By putting all of these earrings together you will find your perfect earparty! 

Do you want to add even more earrings to you earparty? We got you! To give your look a finishing touch, you can also add an ear cuff to you huggie earparty. You don’t even need an extra piercing for this! 

Shop your huggie 

At Eline Rosina we have a suitable huggie for everyone. With our affordable prices, we want everyone to get that luxury jewelry feel. This makes our website the place to order your new earrings. Take a quick look at our range of huggie earrings and pick your favorite!

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