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About the brand

Eline Rosina is a Dutch earring label founded by Hanna Pranger in 2014. Since then, the label has grown so much that the collections are sold in our own international webshop and more than 60 stores. All earrings are made of sterling silver or sterling silver with a gold plating. We care about high quality products, because this gives the customer a special feeling after the new purchase and this feeling will last a long time.
The designs range from mini to maxi and from basic to statement. The different styles can be mixed and matched into the perfect earparty. Eline Rosina wants to inspire customers to put together their own personal earparty. It is a huge appreciation to see that the earrings are worn by a global community of satisfied customers, social influencers and trendsetters.

Founder and creative director Hanna Pranger

I (Hanna Eline Pranger) missed the creative aspect when I studied law. During my study period in America I had a special friendship with Elizabeth Rosina, who sees life as a world full of possibilities. That's where the name Eline Rosina comes from. After my graduation I decided that I wanted to work in the creative sector. Soon after that it became clear that it was going to be a jewelry label with the focus on earrings. I've always had a fascination for earrings. When I was only four years old I got my first ear piercing, and when I was twelve years old I had three piercings on each side. My core value is: creation! I love to create the collections and compose the most beautiful earparty's. Accessoires are a fundamental part of what we want to communicate about ourselves and I would like to contribute to this by translating the lastest trends into earring designs.

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