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Necklaces, we love them. Gold necklaces, silver necklaces, short necklaces, long necklaces, link chains, chokers and so on. Multiple necklaces together? No problem, we love a neckstack! We think it is important that our jewelry always gives you a luxury feeling. We therefore enjoy continuing to vary with our collections and deliver beautiful quality.

Short necklaces

What everyone understands by short necklaces differs enormously. When we talk about short necklaces, we mean necklaces at the height of our collarbone / neck. These can also be different types of chains, such as the link chains, chokers or the bold and timeless chains for a night out. On our social media you can see that we like to style all kinds of necklaces with each other. This way you create a very personal neck stack!

Long necklaces

The long necklaces are one of our favorites. You can easily combine long necklaces with your other jewelry. Do you like to mix long and short necklaces? So do we! Or do you prefer to keep it a bit more basic? Everything is possible and we like that so much. All necklaces are a statement in themselves and because you can style them yourself, you can create your own neck party. Are you looking for some neck stack inspiration? Then take a look at our Instagram.

Statement necklaces

A statement necklace is the perfect addition to any look. You can make a basic outfit special in a snap. It's the icing on the cake. Eline Rosina has gold and silver statement necklaces. And since the Mémoire Magique collection, you can now also put together your own necklace. You can keep it clean and simple, but you can also transform it into a personal statement necklace that tells your story.

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