Silver earrings


Silver earrings

Silver earrings

Are you fully team silver? Then this is the place to be! At Eline Rosina we have a extensive collection of silver earrings. From basics that should not be missed in your jewelry collection, to real statement pieces for special occasions. We have it all!

Silver earrings for women

Are you always looking for the latest trends in jewelry? Then you have come to the right place at Eline Rosina. On this page you will find all kinds of silver earrings. From large earrings to small minimalistic rings. You can choose between different styles of silver earrings within our range, so there is always something for everyone. In addition, you will always find the right earrings for an occasion. Take a quick look at our classics, statement earrings, single pieces and sparkly treasures.

High quality silver earrings

At Eline Rosina we like to deliver high quality jewelry. That is why we are always busy designing timeless, but also luxurious jewelry, of high quality for an affordable price. All our jewelry has the same basis. This is 925 sterling silver, the best quality for silver jewelry. With this base, your jewelry (with the right care) will remain beautiful for a long time so you can enjoy it endlessly.

Keep sterling silver clean

We all want to enjoy our silver jewelry for as long as possible. However, it can happen that sterling silver or gold plated jewelry fades after a long time of wearing. Despite our high quality jewelry, contact with water, creams, perfumes and other cosmetics can cause the jewelry to fade in color. Make sure your new earcandy is stored separately from each other and sealed from oxygen in a jewelry box. This way you can shine in your silver earrings for a very long time.

Our collection of earrings silver

In our silver earrings collection, you will find all kinds of different types and sizes of silver earrings. For example, we have:

• earrings silver rings

• earrings silver buttons

• earrings silver pendants

Go for a classic earring with a sparkly stud. Or just for a full glitter look with only hoops! Curious about our entire collection? Look here for the complete collection and find even more earcandy. No piercing left to expand your earparty? Check out our sterling silver earcuffs! It will give your looks extra glamor quickly, easily and without extra piercing!

Silver earrings with stones

Let's be honest, a good pair of glitter earrings is never too much. Looking for more glam for your earparty? We’ve got you covered. We love sparkly earrings and want them all. Shiny earrings come in all shapes and sizes, so you will find a spokely treasure that really suits you! So, it doesn't matter whether you choose earrings with colored stones, glitter buttons or pendants with glitter.

Choose your own silver earrings

Do you want to put together your own earparty? Then take a look at our Mix & Match items. You can decide for yourself which silver earrings and silver pendants you want to combine. The hoops and pendants are both available in different shapes and sizes. So you can decide for yourself whether you want to go for a glamorous or a classic look by choosing plain or sparkly earrings. Need some inspiration first? Then look at our eaparty sets. In these sets you will find different silver earrings that have been put together by our designers into a set! So you are always ready to go in no time!

Everything for your sterling silver look

In addition to our collection of silver earrings, we also have plenty of silver necklaces that you can add to your look. Our necklaces also come in different shapes and sizes. We have short and long necklaces and minimalist and statement necklaces. So there’s always the right necklace for everyone. Do you like a classic look? Then choose your favourite necklace and combine it with your silver earrings. Do you want to go bold? Then wear several short and long statement necklaces together!

Order your silver earrings online at Eline Rosina

You can order your favourite silver earrings quickly and easily online at Eline Rosina. With our affordable prices, everyone can enjoy a luxury feel. You can return your order to us within 2 weeks. But we think that once you see your new silver earrings, you'll never want to get rid of them. If you order before 3:00 PM, we will ship your new items from our collection of silver earrings today! Don't hold back and go for that upgrade of your ear party!

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