Single pieces


Single pieces

Single earrings by Eline Rosina

At Eline Rosina you can find all different sorts of earrings. Not only amazing matching sets, also earrings which are sold per piece, so-called ‘single piece’ earrings. This makes it incredibly easy to mix and match your favorite pieces. 

One piece earring trend

The single piece earring trend is actually so versatile, especially when you have multiple piercings to experiment with. You can choose a minimalistic look, experiment with mixing metals or try a combination with ear cuffs, hoops and threaders. It also works to pair shapes together, for example, you can pair a huggie hoop with a tiny single stud. Want to make even more of a statement? Choose earrings that have different lengths on each side. Asymmetry works really well with this trend. The single piece earrings allow endless possibilities and combinations in earring pairings, at Eline Rosina we wholeheartedly embrace your boundless jewelry journeys! 

How to wear single pieces for mixing and matching

When you are shopping for single pieces, forget everything you’ve heard about sticking to odd numbers, one type of earring or to one precious metal. There’s actually no such thing as a wrong single piece earring for this multiple earring look. Building up a collection of single pieces like our Single spike huggie or Single zirconia huggie hoop is a great place to start, before adding in threaders and bigger hoops. A single hoop, customized with your fave pendant, adds personality to any curation. 

Single pieces by Eline Rosina to perfect your earparty 

Extend your ear party with our new ear cuffs, single pieces in Gold plated sterling silver and Sterling silver and our Mix and match items! You’ll sure find just what your ear needs in our endless selection of trendy ear cuffs, huggie earrings, featuring pave crystals, colorful gems and whimsical shapes. Regardless if you have pierced ears or not, with Eline Rosina single piece earrings you can set your imagination free and create a unique look that’s all your own. 

Let's get this curated ear party started! Happy shopping! 

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